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How do I create an AutoText entry?

You can create AutoText entries to insert common words or phrases. For example, an AutoText entry could insert your company’s name, a website address, or a confidentiality statement. You can even include formatting in an AutoText entry.
Word displays a popup box when you start typing an AutoText entry’s name. If you select the AutoText entry and press Enter, Word will insert the entry.

To create an AutoText entry:

  1. Type and format your text.
  2. Select the content for the AutoText entry.
  3. Select the Insert tab.
    Press Alt+N.
  4. Click the QuickParts button in the Text group.
    QuickParts button
  5. Select AutoText > Save Selection to AutoText Gallery.
    The Create New Building Block dialog box appears.
    Create New Building Block dialog box
  6. Type a Name for your AutoText entry.
  7. If you plan to create numerous AutoText entries, select a Category.
  8. For Save in, select a file to contain the AutoText entry.
  9. For Options, select one of the following:
  10. Click OK.